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Where can I find your forms? 2017-12-05T01:42:15+00:00
What are your office hours? 2017-12-05T01:38:50+00:00

The Lemus Law Firm’s general office hours are 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. However, appointments can be scheduled in special circumstances after hours with advance notice.

How long does a consultation last? 2017-12-05T01:38:14+00:00

The consultation length varies depending on the subject matter and issues discussed. Typically, consultations last at least an hour.

What is the cost of a consultation? 2017-12-05T01:37:37+00:00

An in-office consultation costs $100. The consultation fee will be applied to the attorney’s fees if you decide to retain counsel and legal services.

What should I bring to my consultation? 2017-12-05T01:36:41+00:00

If you are able to fill out the client questionnaire prior to the consultation it should be brought to the consultation. You should also bring any information or documents that may be helpful to the attorney. For example, if there is already a pending case, it is helpful if you bring any existing orders and court documents and/or the court and case number information

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